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Welcome to the community wiki for the Alpha Word Game System. The Alpha Word Game System is a comprehensive word game system made up of three components; a deck of AlphaPlayingCards, a set of AlphaTiles and a double set of AlphaDice. It is based on the award winning OriginalAlphaPlayingCards. If you are new to the Alpha Word Game System, I suggest you start by reading About Alpha, and Consonants, Vowels and Wilds to get a better idea of what Alpha is and how Alpha works.

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05 January 2015: The Alpha Tiles for The Alpha Game System at The Game Crafter have been updated to a new thicker tile. Originally .015 thick they are now .060, that's 4x thicker and IMHO 4x better.

07 February 2014: The Alpha Game System is now available at The Game Crafter. Some assembly required (you have to place the stickers on the dice). You can still print and make your own here at the Download section.

03 May 2012: After much discussion, play-testing, data mining, fact finding and other tests...Alpha Dice 3.0 is now here. Alpha Dice 2.0 have been slightly modified...we replaced one of the H's with a wild and moved a few of the dice faces around. This will increase the total number of words that is possible to make with a single set of Alpha Dice...more words more fun. We hope you enjoy Alpha Dice 3.0 (I know I do).

20 September 2011: The Alpha Word Game System wiki is complete...although I hope it will never be 100% complete as new games, thoughts and ideas keep it growing.

20 August 2011: The Alpha Word Game System wiki is 99% complete and almost ready. Just need to edit and check for errors.

5 August 2011: The Alpha Word Game System wiki is 95% complete and almost ready. The official launch date is planned for October...but if you are already here please feel free to look around.


Feel free to add your own content to this wiki. Anything related to Alpha is fair game. Here are a few pages to help you get started.

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