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Alpha Playing Cards are the card component of the Alpha Word Game System. They can be used with other components of the game system to play games or by themselves to play games. There are already several different games that you can play with a deck of Alpha Playing Cards and more on the way. The current version of Alpha Playing Cards are technically called Alpha Playing Cards 2.0 and are based on the original Alpha Playing Cards. If you would like to see the current games you can play with a deck of Alpha Playing Cards go to Games. If you would like to print out and make your own deck go to Download.
A deck of Alpha Playing Cards from the Game Crafter.

A deck of Alpha Playing Cards consists of 74 cards: 42 consonant cards, 30 vowel cards and 2 wild cards. Here is a complete breakdown of the letters, point values and quantity of cards:

The Consonant Cards (The wild card (?) is also included here)

LetterValueQuantity LetterValueQuantity LetterValueQuantity LetterValueQuantity
B82 C42 D42 F52
G62 H33 J101 K91
L33 M52 N13 P62
Q101 R23 S23 T13
V81 W72 X91 Y72
Z101 ? (wild)02

The Vowel Cards All vowels are worth 1 point except for U which is worth 2 points. (The vowel followed by an * is the marked vowel)

LetterQuantity LetterQuantity LetterQuantity LetterQuantity
A*/E1 A*/I1 A*/O2 A*/U2
E*/A2 E*/I2 E*/O2 E*/U3
I*/A2 I*/E1 I*/O1 I*/U2
O*/A1 O*/E1 O*/I2 O*/U2
U*/A1 U*/I1 U*/O1

When the vowel cards are used as marked vowels there are 6 A's, 9 E's, 6 I's, 6 O's and 3 U's available in the deck.
When the vowel cards are used as semi-wild there are 12 of each vowel available in the deck.